2013 Scholarships And Award Winners

Teacher of the Year:

To the left is Robin Oliver, President
to her left is John Postovit
to his left is David Crawford, VP of Board
to his left is Pat Prather, Executive Director

Below are the CAWS Award and Scholarship winners for 2013-2014.

  • Teacher of the Year - DP - Scotts Valley High School – John Postovit
  • Community Service Award - DP - Laguna Creek High School – Lauren Craig
  • Life Long Learner - DP - Sequoia High School – Amir Amerian
  • Outstanding Student - DP - Sequoia High School - Simon Greenhill
  • Outstanding Student - PYP - Amelia Earhart Elementary – Ethan Rosillo
  • Exemplary Educator - DP - Scotts Valley High School – John Postovit
  • Exemplary Educator - MYP - Blair School – Christine McLaughlin
  • Exemplary Educator - PYP - Primary Years Academy – Jeanne Ross
  • Teacher Training Award - DP - Montgomery High School – Erik Ohlson
  • Teacher Training Award - MYP - Pacific Beach Middle School – Mitchell Booz
  • Teacher Training Award - PYP - Ybarra Academy – Steve Gasca

On behalf of Sequoia High School, we want to thank you for recognizing two of our students with CAWS scholarships, Simon Greenhill and Amir Amerian. They have both contributed so much to our IB program and school community at large. We held our annual IB Ceremony last week. This is a formal celebration for all seniors and their families who took one or more IB courses (sort of a mini IB graduation). We presented the CAWS scholarships at this ceremony and kept it a surprise from everyone until then. Amir and Simon were so excited and appreciative. The recommending teacher and the student came to the stage. I have attached three pictures for you. Kim Vinh and Simon Greenhill are in two of them for the IB DP Outstanding Students Award. Amir Amerian and Justine Rutigliano are in one of them for the Nancy Forster Life-Long Learner Award. Sequoia was so proud to have our two students recognized by CAWS and we thank you for that,
Lisa McCahon

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